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What is the cost of renting a Margarita machine from the Margarita Man?
  It is $159. Our price includes delivery and pick-up in our free delivery area (additional charge for out of area or special circumstances), one bottle of our award-winning mix of your choice, use of our 5-gallon pre-measured mixing bucket, 50 cups and salt if needed.

Are the machines easy to use?
  Absolutely! We will show you how to mix your first batch and how to use the machine. We leave clear printed instructions so there's nothing to worry about. NO ICE IS NEEDED.

How many drinks does one batch serve?
  One batch of Margaritas makes about 75 eight ounce drinks. Our experience shows that usually half or more of your guests will drink the frozen drinks even if offered the choice of other beverages. We recommend one batch for every 25 frozen beverage drinkers. One machine will deliver frozen drinks for up to 60 frozen beverage drinkers. If more guests are expected, a second machine is strongly recommended, otherwise too much demand will be put on the one machine and it will not adequately serve your needs. Additional flavored mixes are $20 per batch.

How long does the first batch take to chill?
  It takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. There is no waiting between batches because you add to the reservoir as you go, preferably before the machine's LOW light comes on.

Who provides the liquor and how much is needed?
  The customer provides all the liquor (the Margarita Man doesn't have a liquor license). A medium strength batch of Margaritas calls for three liters of tequila and a half liter of Triple Sec (optional but recommended for best flavor).

Are there other kinds of drinks available?
  Absolutely! We offer 12 delicious flavors. All can be made as fruit slushies FOR KIDS. Traditional Margaritas, Strawberry Margaritas or Daiquiris, Rum Runners, PiƱa Coladas, Go Mango Ritas, Blue Raspberry, Go Banana Daiquiris, Tropical Punch, Goombay Smash (Rum Punch), Peach Bellinis, Sunshine Lemonade.

How far in advance should I reserve my machine?
  We recommend two weeks and longer for holiday seasons and traditional party dates like Halloween, New Year's Eve, Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo.

Do I have to have a bartender operating the machine at all times?   No! That's the beauty of this machine, it's self service.
However, if you need an attendant, we can provide for a nominal fee.

If you have not rented a machine before, you may be surprised to learn that 50-70% of your guests will choose the frozen drinks over beer and wine. This means you can probably get by with providing less beer and wine.
Keep margarita machines in the shade during daytime operation.
Use dedicated 110V, 15 amp circuit for each machine.
Using a cold mix will ensure better output. Ask about chilling techniques with ice.
BAG-A-RITA!! Save leftover mix by storing in zipper bags in the freezer for later use.
We prefer that you not use GFI outlets for our machines.
Heavy gauge extension cords are provided with each rental. Please do not use any other extension cords. Provided cords are 25 feet and should not exceed 50 feet in total length.

Have more questions? Please give us a call at 510-795-7223

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